Dr. Israr Shah
Chief Executive - Attabak Pharmaceuticals


I started our business as sole-distributer for Pakistan IQF-Spain in 1999. Evolving with the passage of time, in 2005 we started our local manufacturing unit with the nomenclature M/S Attabak pharmaceutical Industry in the industrial area located in the heart of Islamabad.

I would like to thank all those who made the name of Attabak as one of the leading manufacturers in Pakistan in the shortest possible time. For this I am indebted to the willing services and expertise of different personal section of the company, especially the “Quality & Production” branch.

We introduced hundreds of new formulations of medicines and made them affordable and accessible for the poultry and live-stock industry. Later the project was further extended to human medicines as well.

Attabak envisions innovative products to meet the expectations of the customers both at local and international markets, keeping highest standards of ethics and integrity which are the base of our success


Dr.Israr Shah is a political activist, defiant soul, untiring fighter and symbol of courage, who, throughout his life, has not only fought for establishment of democratic order, rule of law, supremacy of constitution and the rights of have-nots in the country but also snatched his life from the jaws of death even after losing his lower half of the body in a bomb blast on 17-July-2007 during the struggle for restoration of superior judiciary.

He was on the Mall Road Lahore during his childhood with satchel hanging on his shoulders chanting slogans against the then dictator Field Marshal Ayub Khan, with the democracy loving students. He continued his fight with the same spirit against the military regimes of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq and Gen. Parvez Musharraf.

He emerged in National Politics as a Student Leader in 1972. He played a heroic role in political arena as a President and vice President of the Students Unions in Govt. College Ravi Road, President and General Secretary in University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore. He remained office bearer of M.R.D. and PPP Punjab and Member of Central Executive Committee PPP. He passed prime period of his youth in different jails of Punjab, Shahi Qilla and CIA torture cell Lahore. He is being a resilient character never accepted the offers of than Dictators Governor Punjab Gillani Khan and in the Government of Gen. Musharraf. He was a member of the highest forum of the party and there are rare examples in political history of PPP that a founding member left the Party while they were in power. He rebelled against the polluted culture of the Government and broke up over the four decades relation with PPP and started a new journey of struggle with Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf.

He became a Role Model when he contested the National Assembly election on wheelchair in Islamabad. The unfathomable courage that who had lost both his legs above knee, with damaged right hand and ear drum ruptured stood up against his own party with more zeal and valor to combat the injustice and corrupted culture of the Government. He is a veterinarian and renowned figure in the veterinary fraternity. He also contested election of Senate as a Technocrat in Punjab Assembly. He twice served the government as advisor to Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and represented the Govt; of Pakistan in different countries of the world at different forums. He is a versatile personality and doesn’t pass life as a typical businessman.

The one-liner encompassing the larger than life character of Dr.Israr Shah is

---- Struggle and only struggle.